I would like to provide you with private access to Listingbook — real estate’s most accurate and comprehensive home search web site — so that you have all of the tools you need to achieve your real estate goals. Listingbook is only available by invitation from a licensed real estate agent like me because it contains much deeper and more accurate data than public real estate sites.

Only with Listingbook can you truly “Search Like An Agent.”


Listingbook provides up-to-the-minute real estate information, including:

  • ALL new and changed properties for sale
  • Sold property data
  • Local Sales Trends
  • recent price reductions for every property in your area

Listingbook also includes:

  • Advanced lifestyle search options that allow you to search for homes that fit all of your specifications
  • Community, neighborhood, and school information and public records data
  • The ability to quickly and easily communicate about specific properties that you like or have questions about
  • A Home Competition feature that lets you follow price trends and competing properties in your designated areas
  • A morning email that updates you on new listings and price changes for homes that meet your search criteria

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